• Auto American Pie

Auto American Pie

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American Pie's latest generation of autoflowering phenotype. It presents some differences comparing to its feminized version, it has a small-medium size, reaching a height of up to 70 cm outdoors if it is planted at the time of more hours of sun. Inside we recommend 20 plants per square meter that reach 1.50 m in height, to a period of 18 hours throughout the crop. The Auto American Pie has a sweet taste and an active brain effect.

Type 100% autoflowering
Production +400 gr./m2 (18h With 600W light)
Bloom 50 - 55 days
Production 50 - 220 gr./plant
Bloom 55 - 75 days
THC: 15% CBN: 0.4% CBD: -1%