You need to take 2 saucers and a napkin.

1. Cover the bottom of the first saucer with several layers of napkins, moistened with drops of water (do not soak them in water). Then place seeds over them, leaving maximum distance between the seeds.

2. Put a few layers of napkins over them, add water, and make sure that they do not drown in water (remove excess water).

3. Lastly, cover it with a second inverted saucer, forming a “clam-shell” shape, this will create the dark and moist environment that is necessary for germination.

* Place the saucers in a warm place (21ºC) away from direct light.

* Check seeds every day, they do not have to dry out. If necessary, spray the napkins with water.

A few days later you will see that the seeds open and a root appears. Some seeds require from 10 days to 2 weeks to open (always make sure that the napkins are moistened).

When you see the first millimeters of the root emerges when the seed shell has broken open, you should move it carefully into a cultivation pot with the substrate.

Make a hole 2-3 mm (max. 5 mm) in the growing medium, place the seed into the hole (with the root in the direction down to the substrate so that it sprouts down and close the hole up).

Your plant should appear in 1-3 days.

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