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The users are advised to carefully read these terms of use before using this online store.

The possession of cannabis seeds in Spain is not a crime (Vienna Convention of 1961). The cannabis cultivation can be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions (Article 25.1 of the Organic Law on the Protection of Public Safety and Article 368 of the Penal Code).

We ship our seeds on the condition that they are not used by third parties illegally. The Pyramid Seeds team does not intend to make anyone acting against the law, therefore the customers are responsible for their own future actions.
There are many differences from country to country with respect to the regulation of hemp seeds and it is very important to be informed of this issue in each country from which you wish to place an order. It is forbidden to distribute our seeds in countries where possession or trafficking of cannabis seeds are Illegal (the United States of America, Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico and others), however, if someone makes a purchase from one of these countries, our company assumes that person is informed of their local legislation. For this reason we are not responsible for possible legal problems that may arise, and we will not make refunds for the products seized or rejected by the customs.

The shown contents are the property of Pyramid Seeds, and doesn’t allow free use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication, of the graphic and informative material, such as logos and information extracted from the database, to third parties. Except prior statement the user makes, he/she must abstain from obtaining or downloading any type of content existing in this web, being only allowed to visualise and obtain copies of the Contents for private use.
The documentation contained in the databases is always subject to the characteristics of the products, and may vary in content or graphic expression. Pyramid Seeds is not responsible for any changes or variations that may affect the descriptions / properties of the products.

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, on the Personal Data Protection, the data entered in the database will be treated in a secret and confidential manner, and will not be disclosed to third parties. By using our registration form, the user expressly agrees with the data protection policy, allowing access to the data of our automated files. Pyramid SeedsThe descriptions of these products on sale on this page come from specialized catalogues and books published in countries where the laws do not prohibit the use of certain psychoactive substances (such as Holland). The fact that some descriptions allude to the effects of their consumption IN NO CASE means that you can consume them; these are merely informative descriptions, since such products are sold exclusively for medical and therapeutic uses to students such as botany, naturalists, collectors, etc. The users of the Page are aware of all the above and accept it voluntarily.