• Tutankhamon


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Photosynthesis phenotype of this genetics that comes from a selection of AK-47 at the end of the last century and the beginning of this. One of our best genetics, compact and very branched phenotype, with a lot of very crystalline and spongy flowers. It does not stand out as much for its citrus flavour. It is a very productive and easy to grow plant for any user. Mainly Sativa, it has a very clear and lasting cerebral effect, not so physical. It has one of the highest percentages of THC in the market. In some THC tests it exceeded 30%.

Type 60% Sativa - 40% Indica
Production +500 gr./m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom 60 Days
Height 75 - 150 cm
Production 0,5 - 1,5 kg./plant
Bloom Europ 2/4 September
Bloom Latin America 2/4 March
THC: 25% CBN: 0.6% CBD: -1%