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Pyramid Seeds, high quality bank of marijuana seeds

Feminized seeds of Californian origin with a high level of THC and explosive flavors

Seeds from which Cannabis plants rich in THC and with multiple physical and mental effects will sprout.

We present you the marijuana seeds with which you will achieve a very productive harvest.

Marijuana plant seeds with easy care.

What are the characteristics of the Pyramid Seeds?


Seeds that produce plants with lots of buds and resin.


Great selection of medicinal plant seeds that are rich in CBD.

100% feminized

All of our cannabis seedsare 100% feminized

Easy to cultivate

Ideal both for beginners and more experienced growers.


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Pyramid Seeds

Who are we?

Pyramid Seeds is a bank of marijuana seeds of great international prestige due to our extensive presence and experience in the sector, which goes back to more than one decade ago. We are great professionals in the cannabis seed industry and we offer high quality genetics in our marijuana seeds with unique, distinctive and outstanding varieties on the market. Our specialization lies in the commercialization of cannabis seeds.

What is a marijuana seed bank?

A marijuana seed bank, also called a cannabis seed bank, is an institution that is in charge of studying marijuana plants, and also deals with their production and their commercialization. In a marijuana seed bank like Pyramid Seeds we constantly study and improve the genetics of the plants to produce stable varieties which are suitable for growers with or without experience. All our seeds are of our own production, our breeders strive to offer a wide range of varieties that adapt to the needs of consumers, by selecting the best genetics and creating new strains.

What types of seeds do we sell?

All the seeds we produce are feminized. Feminized marijuana seeds are those seeds that are developed with the absence of male chromosomes, which guarantees that, at the time of flowering, the cannabis plant produces resinous and seedless buds.

Based on this, and as a cannabis seed bank, at Pyramid Seeds we have specialized in the research, production and marketing of four different types of marijuana seeds:

● Photoperiod-dependent marijuana seeds

● Autoflowering marijuana seeds

● Medical marijuana seeds (CBD)

● American Strains seeds

Photoperiod marijuana seeds

Photoperiod or photodependent marijuana seeds are those whose growth and flowering are determined by the photoperiod, that is, they need a certain number of hours of light to start flowering. Outdoors they are always grown at the same time of the year and depending on the latitude you have to choose one or the other to optimize the harvest.

The advantage offered by this type of plant is that, indoors, the grower has control over the cultivation cycle, being able to increase the size of the plant by lengthening its period of growth. In general, photoperiod-dependent plants produce higher yields and a higher cannabinoid index.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a type of seeds that are characterized by not being governed by a photoperiod as in the case of photodependent marijuana seeds. This type of cannabis seeds flowers automatically (hence its name) after completing its cycle of growth and maturation, which can be 60-80 days depending on the plant.

 Autoflowering marijuana seeds are perfect for growers with little time as they can be grown regardless of the time of year, which means they can get several harvests a year.

On the other hand, autoflowering cannabis seeds, although they are very easy to grow, will produce less abundant harvests, their stature will be shorter and their levels of THC will be lower. However, our latest generation of autoflowering strains is becoming more and more like their photoperiod variants in terms of aroma, flavor and production thanks to the work of our expert geneticists.

All the autoflowering seeds that we sell at Pyramid Seeds are feminized.

Medical marijuana seeds (CBD)

CBD marijuana seeds, better known as medical marijuana seeds or therapeutic marijuana seeds, are a set of cannabis seeds specially studied and promoted by seed banks. It is a type of seed from which plants with good levels of CBD will sprout, CBD being the cannabinoid component that allows classify the plant as medicinal, which is usually higher than THC in this type of case.

Medical marijuana is usually recommended and used to combat the effects of muscle and bone ailments, pain caused by diseases and their treatment, to combat insomnia or stress, among other factors.

All the medical marijuana seeds that we sell at Pyramid Seeds are feminized.

American Strains Seeds

Special marijuana seeds, rich in THC and whose genetics come from the United States, more specifically from the state of California. They are a series of cannabis seeds developed exclusively by Pyramid Seeds, characterized by the type of plants that emerge from them, with high percentages of THC (the highest on the market) and with explosive and very intense flavors.

All American Strains seeds that we sell at Pyramid Seeds are feminized.

What are the uses of marijuana seeds?

Marijuana seeds can have more than one use. For example, the most prominent uses are:

To plant them and obtain marijuana plants

To be used in medicinal products of an anti-inflammatory nature

To extract essential oils for a gastronomical, cosmetic or medicinal use.

To eat them as food (they contain a lot of omega 3 and omega 6) 

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