Auto Tutankhamon

Auto Tutankhamon

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Tutankhamon Auto Seeds is the autoflowering version of Tutankhamon. It has a slightly lower THC percentage than its photodependent variant, but still reaches levels above the market average.

Quantity of seeds

Approximate indoor height
60 -150 cm
Approximate outdoor height
+ 70 cm
Fresh fruit
Physical effects
Soft relaxing
Mental effects
Prolonged stimulation
Indoor yield
450 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
50 - 200 g
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 17%
Indoor flowering
75 days

Auto Tutankhamon is the star among autoflowering strains, representing the pinnacle of breeding and genetics. This unique phenotype not only inherits all the best qualities of its predecessor, Tutankhamon, but also adds unparalleled adaptability and growth speed inherent to autoflowering plants. Reaching over 70 cm in height in open soil, Auto Tutankhamon thrives in favorable climatic conditions, showcasing its unmatched vitality and strength.

The taste of this strain is a real treasure for connoisseurs. Moving away from the more traditional citrus notes of its feminized counterpart, Auto Tutankhamon offers a sweeter and richer flavor profile that leaves a celebratory aftertaste on your taste buds.

Forming long and thick buds that seem to be sprinkled with crystals, this strain demonstrates impressive yield results both outdoors and indoors. No matter where you prefer to grow Auto Tutankhamon, be it a cozy corner of your home or a secret garden under the open sky, it is guaranteed to delight you with an abundant and quality harvest.

Choosing Auto Tutankhamon is opting for unmatched quality and yield that will come with each plant of this wonderful autoflowering variety. Allow yourself to enjoy its sweet taste and powerful effect, and you will see that it is indeed a top choice for connoisseurs.

1 Reviews

Planta muda
Yerba de dioses de hai su nombre.aroma vainilla con nuez .esta planta sobrepasa de nota el 10 para mi gusto .pyramidseeds
By Adrian on 2022-09-28

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