American Strains

American Strains are strains originating from the USA created and bred by Pyramid Seeds. They are distinguished by higher THC levels and more surprising flavours. The cannbis culture in the USA has favoured the development of techniques that guarantee consistent high quality harvests.

What are American Strains?

American Strains are a set of cannabis seeds of American origin, meticulously developed and crossed by Pyramid Seeds. These seeds are specially selected to produce plants with the highest THC levels available on the cannabis market today.

Features of the American Strains

American Strains are exclusively feminised, ensuring consistent production of high quality buds with significant THC concentrations. This attribute makes them ideal for growers looking to maximise the yield and potency of their crops. In addition, these strains are photodependent, meaning they require specific light cycles for optimal growth and are influenced by the seasons in outdoor crops.

American Strains range of flavours and aromas

American Strains are distinguished by their distinctive flavour, which predominantly combines sweet and fresh notes. In addition to their sweet profile, some strains may have subtle fruity undertones, while others may have citrus notes or even hints of forestry, such as a piney wood aroma. This diversity of flavours makes American Strains an appealing choice for cannabis enthusiasts who value a complex and rewarding sensory experience.

Cannnabinoid content of American Strains

The THC content of American Strains typically ranges between 20% and 25%, making them some of the most potent strains available. This high THC content translates into predominantly relaxing and sedative effects, which are appreciated by consumers seeking relief from stress and everyday tensions. Although less common, some strains may have cannabinoid profiles that also provide uplifting effects, thus offering a diverse range of experiences depending on the user's preferences.

Harvest capacity of American Strains 

Under ideal indoor growing conditions, American Strains have the capacity to produce 300-400 grams per square metre of high quality buds. In well-maintained outdoor environments, these plants can achieve significant yields of between 0.5 and 1 kilogram per plant. These numbers reflect the robustness and production potential of American Strains when handled properly, providing a reliable source of cannabis for both commercial and home growers..

Medicinal effects of American Strains

Although American Strains have a low CBD content, usually less than 1%, certain strains such as Tahoe Cure are renowned for their therapeutic effects. These strains can offer pain relief and sedative effects that are beneficial for those looking to manage medical conditions such as anxiety, stress or chronic pain. Despite their concentration of THC, many people find that these strains also provide a state of deep relaxation and general well-being, contributing to their popularity in the medicinal and recreational realm.

Average height of American Strains

American Strains tend to be large and vigorous cannabis plants. Under optimal outdoor growing conditions, they can reach impressive heights of 120-150 centimetres, making them suitable for gardens and outdoor grows where space is less limited. In indoor cultivation, their height usually ranges from 70-120 centimetres, allowing for more controlled management and easier light management to optimise yield and bud quality.

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