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Do-Si-Dos owes its name to the famous cookies of the American Girl Scouts and belongs to the Cookies family. It is characterized by its high level of THC, 25%, which is well above average.

Quantity of seeds

Sativa 30%
Índica 70%
Face Off OG Cookies
Girl Scouts Cookies
Sweet flowers
Exotic flowers
Sweet fruit
Physical effects
Mental effects
Indoor yield
350 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
0,75-1 kg
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 25%
Indoor flowering
55-60 days
Outdoor flowering in Europe
Outdoor flowering in Latin America

Do-Si-Dos is a true gem among cannabis strains from the renowned Cookies family, encapsulating the best features of its predecessors. Named after the famous American scout cookies, this strain captivates with its sweet, almost magical taste of exotic fruits, adorned with creamy OG undertones and mesmerizing dark purple hues.

The aroma of Do-Si-Dos is like the essence of wilderness in its pristine form: a piercing sweetness combined with deep earthy tones, while floral notes add a unique charm and subtlety to the composition. It's an aromatic journey you can't pull yourself away from.

With a THC content exceeding 25%, it promises a rapid onset of euphoria, full of strength and power. This instant burst of energy smoothly transitions into a state of complete relaxation and deep introspection, opening new horizons of thought and perception.

Do-Si-Dos has also earned recognition as an effective remedy for depression and insomnia, thanks to its long-lasting sedative effect. This strain is a true ally for those seeking peace and tranquility in the tumultuous stream of daily life.

Possessing all the qualities to become a star in the cannabis world, Do-Si-Dos represents a unique combination of taste, aroma, and effect, making it not just a choice, but an experience worth living. Dive into a world of unique sensations with Do-Si-Dos – where every piece of cookie hides a universe of flavors and aromas.

Know more about Do Si Dos

Do Si Dos is known for its intense and long-lasting effects, exceeding the average in potency. It is not recommended for beginners due to its high THC content, capable of affecting even experienced users. Initially, it produces energising, euphoric and stimulating sensations, which quickly transform into muscle numbness, meditation and contemplation.

It is an ideal choice for those looking to reflect and relax, especially at the end of a long day.

Growing Do Si Dos indoors

Compact structure: Dos Si Dos forms a compact plant that is easy to grow indoors.

Quality of plants: Due to its not too bushy structure, you can grow 12-16 plants per square meter.

Harvest: After about 60 days of flowering, you can harvest up to 700 grams per square meter with proper care.

Growing Do Si Dos outdoors

Yield: In soil crops, you can harvest up to 1500 grams per plant in optimal conditions.

Climate: Prefer a dry climate with low humidity for best results.

Harvest outdoors: Your harvest will be ready in early October.

1 Reviews

отлични сорт
реално можно за 55 днеи
By гиви on 2022-05-28

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