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Galaxy from Pyramid Seeds is a plant with hyperactive physical effects. Moreover, Galaxy is a very aromatic plant, possessing a sweet flavor.

Quantity of seeds

Índica 30%
Índica 70%
Northern Lights
Physical effects
Mental effects
Indoor yield
500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
0,5-1,5 kg
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 21%
Indoor flowering
55 days
Outdoor flowering in Europe
week 1-2 September
Outdoor flowering in Latin America
1-2 April week

Galaxy is a true cosmic phenomenon in the cannabis world, a photoperiod hybrid created by crossing Afghani and Northern Lights. This strain astonishes with its incredible yields in any system and growing environment, proving that the boundaries of the possible can always be expanded. Predominantly indica, Galaxy has all the typical characteristics of this group, including rapid flowering, but stands out due to its swift and powerful growth, uncharacteristic for indicas. The plant will amaze you with its heavy, thick, and crystal-covered buds, making Galaxy the perfect choice for those looking to maximize yield even in limited space. Galaxy's aroma is captivating: incredibly rich and complex, and its sweet flavor will undoubtedly appeal to Skunk enthusiasts, reminding them of this strain's legendary taste qualities. Galaxy is not just a strain; it's a discovery that brings vivid colors and unique taste sensations to the collection of every cannabis connoisseur. Embark on a journey through the galaxy of flavors and aromas with Galaxy, and let its cosmic yields surprise you.

3 Reviews

Hermosa , estoy cultivando ya están en pre flora , y miden metro y medio cada una y metro y medio de ancho , muy hermosas espero buenos resultados... saludos
By Maikol on 2024-01-04

Muy bien
Ami me salí un monstruo de gos metros y medio por tres de ancho saborzaco y muy productiva
By Faustino on 2023-05-28

Por favor corregir el % de satividad
Amigos agradecería corregir el % de sativa e índica
By Gerardo on 2022-09-09

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