Feminized Marijuana Seeds

At Pyramid Seeds we have a wide variety of feminised cannabis seeds: photodependent, autoflowering, CBD and American Strains. 

Take a look at our wide selection and enjoy our multiple flavors!

What are feminized marijuana seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds are made through a cultivation technique that uses only female plants in the breeding period. The pollen used for pollination comes from male flowers, which are produced by a female plant. There's no Y-chromosome presence to ensure they only give rise to female plants. During this process there's no genetic modification as some people may think.

Female plants are more valued because they produce cannabinoid-rich flowers. In contrast, male marijuana plants do not do this and also pollinate feminised marijuana plants, which drastically reduces bud and seed production.

Therefore, when growing cannabis plants for self-consumption, only look for seeds of feminised cannabis plants marketed by seed banks such as Pyramid Seeds, as this guarantees the 100% guaranteed presence of a feminised cannabis plant and, therefore, of buds with cannabinoids.

The genetics of feminised cannabis seeds

Based on the type of genetics from which feminised marijuana plants derive, we can classify them into three main groups:

Indica marijuana plants: they have a short flowering time (between 40 and 60 days), and do not reach great height, although they do reach a good weight and leafy leaves. They produce resinous buds rich in THC with stimulating and CBD-rich effects.

Sativa marijuana plants: they take longer to flower (60-85 days) because they require more light and heat than Indicas. They are much taller than indicas, although they weigh less. Their leaves are somewhat thinner. They produce resinous buds rich in THC and CBD with relaxing effects.

Ruderalis marijuana plants: This is a sativa sub-variety exclusive to autoflowering marijuana plants. As it grows in very cold areas with little sun, this type of strain does not require any kind of light cycle for its development. It has lower THC and CBD levels than the other two genetics.

The option of not using feminised cannabis seeds

As we said, a marijuana plant that is male will not produce buds rich in cannabinoids such as CBD (used for its medicinal properties) or THC (which are the cannabinoids that have effects on the body) and, therefore, will not contribute anything to self-consumption. 

Are there any fast flowering feminised cannabis seeds? 

Yes, there are fast flowering feminized marijuana seeds. These seeds are specifically designed for this purpose. 

Fast flowering feminized seeds are created by selecting and crossing cannabis strains with characteristics that promote fast flowering. 

When choosing fast flowering feminized marijuana seeds it is important to research and select strains that suit your preferences.

The difference between a male and a female marijuana plant

Although it may seem that distinguishing between a male and a female marijuana plant is complicated, the truth is that it is easy to distinguish between them. For example, a male plant is one that pollinates and, therefore, has a kind of balls on its stems through which pollen is released.

Feminized marijuana plants lack these balls, as instead they have pistils on their flower (the clear identifying sign of a female plant) and have a much more open flower full of resin. The recreational grower's goal is to get this type of plant, which is why they opt for feminised marijuana seeds.

The importance of separating male plants from feminised marijuana seedlings

Try to keep the two types of plants separate because the male plant will pollinate the female. If this happens, the buds of the feminised cannabis plant will be full of seeds and these will no longer be suitable for self-consumption or essential oil extraction. So unless you want to produce more seeds, it is best to avoid exposing plants from feminised cannabis seeds to male plants.

What are THC and CBD in feminised cannabis seed plants?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the substances found in feminised cannabis seeds and, therefore, in the cannabis plants that grow from them. It is classified as a psychoactive element, capable of influencing mood and senses. This property is only present in feminised marijuana plants, so a male plant will have hardly any THC levels.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is another substance found in feminised cannabis plants. It is an element rich in anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties exclusive to a certain variety of feminised cannabis plants, which are called medicinal marijuana plants or therapeutic marijuana plants, as CBD is a substance used to make medicines, creams and infusions with healing properties. Nowadays, feminised cannabis seeds rich in CBD are used in research and in the production of alternative medicine products.

How to grow female marijuana seeds

Generally, female cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors depending on the space available. Each option has its own particularities and, depending on the method chosen, you will have to act in one way or another.

Growing female marijuana seeds indoors

This is usually the most common option for small growers, as outdoor growing requires a plot of land or, if not, a garden. For this type of cultivation, a room needs to be set up in which the humidity level and temperature can be controlled, which requires a thermostat.

In addition, when growing indoors, a constant light source (usually called a lighting system for indoor plants) is required for the plant to thrive (minimum 16-20 hours of light per day). Being an artificial light source, this will mean that the plant will not grow in the same way, as normally female marijuana plants grown indoors are smaller and less productive. However, their main advantage over outdoor crops is that they do not depend on the weather or a specific season, so they can be grown all year round.

In short, to carry out a good indoor cultivation of female marijuana seeds, you will need:

A light source (ideally at least 600W).

A thermostat to control humidity and temperature.

Watering systems (automatic or manual)

Growing tables or cupboards

Nutrients (fertilisers)

Growing female cannabis seeds outdoors

Growing female marijuana seeds outdoors is more suitable for those experienced in growing plants and, above all, for those who have land on which to plant them.

Outdoor cultivation usually produces better results, as the plants are exposed to natural light and climate, their development will be much more optimal and therefore, in general, cannabis plants grown outdoors tend to be taller and more productive, as their harvesting capacity will be much greater. However, on the other hand, it is true that plants grown outdoors are more susceptible to attack by pests or to being exposed to weather phenomena that cannot be controlled and that can damage the entire crop.

To grow outdoors, you will need at least the following elements:

A plot of land

Irrigation systems (manual or automatic)

Nutrients (fertilisers)

Insecticides or health enhancers

Types of feminised cannabis seeds

When it comes to classifying feminised cannabis seeds, we can divide them into up to four categories:

Photodependent or photoperiodic cannabis seeds

This type of feminised marijuana seeds is so called because of its light dependence, either natural (sunlight) or artificial (Led light). This type of cannabis plants are very popular because they usually produce large harvests and, in addition, they are quite rich in THC.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

This type of feminised cannabis seeds are characterised by the fact that they do not depend on a photoluminescent cycle for their growth, as they will reach full bloom on their own. Although it is true that a photoperiodic cycle can maximise their capacity, it is not compulsory. They tend to produce buds with slightly lower THC and CBD levels than photodependent plants but, in return, they require little care and allow you to save on costs.

Medical marijuana seeds (CBD)

Medical marijuana seeds, also known as therapeutic marijuana seeds, are feminised marijuana plants rich in CBD, a very popular component due to its analgesic and sedative effects, capable of relieving muscle pain, ailments and even discomforts such as stress or insomnia. There are two varieties of this type of plant: photodependent and automatic.

American Strains

A range of feminised cannabis seeds exclusive to Pyramid Seeds. These are Californian genetics plants that produce buds with the highest THC levels on the market. They are also photodependent.

Types of feminised cannabis seeds

In addition to the above classification, we can divide feminised cannabis plants into two categories:

Those born from outdoor feminised marijuana seeds (i.e., those only suitable for outdoor growing).

Those born from indoor feminised cannabis seeds (plants that produce a higher yield in controlled indoor cultivation).

All plants grown from Pyramid Seeds feminized cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Ranking of the best feminized seeds 

Here is a ranking of the best feminized marijuana seeds of Pyramid Seeds divided by categories and attributes:

  • Top best selling feminized cannabis seeds

This ranking is made up of the three best-selling marijuana seeds this year: In first place, Super Hash, our bestseller that has captivated our users, closely followed by Galaxy, one of our most representative seeds, and Tutankhamon, the seed of the pharaonic plant.

  • Best feminized cannabis seeds with the highest THC content

Here is the ranking of the best marijuana seeds with the highest THC content: first of all, Cookies USA, named after the popular Girls Scout biscuits. In second place, we have Do-Si-Dos, a variant with very crystalline buds and, in third place, the imposing Gorilla.

  • Best feminized cannabis seeds with the highest CBD content

In this ranking of the best feminised cannabis seeds we present the best medical marijuana seeds or, in other words, those richest in CBD: Anesthesia CBD, whose name reflects its sedative effects; Galaxy CBD, a medical variant of the traditional Galaxy, and in third place we have White Widow CBD, a popular plant with one of the highest levels of CBD on the market.

  • Best Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Are you looking for autoflowering cannabis seeds that are also feminised and produce THC-rich buds? If so, here is the ranking of the best feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds: Auto Tutankhamon, the autoflowering strain with the highest THC levels; Auto Ramses, the autoflowering strain of this plant that pays tribute to the mythical Egyptian emperor; and Auto Northern Lights, a plant appreciated for its easy cultivation.

  • Fast flowering feminized cannabis seeds

This ranking of feminized cannabis seeds is composed by those seeds that in indoor crops flower very fast, more than the average of the rest of cannabis plants in the market. If you are looking for feminised marijuana seeds in bulk that do not require more growing time, in this ranking you will find the three best seeds. The first two places go to Fresh Candy and Purple, two plants that flower in a period of 50-55 days, which has allowed them to become the most popular fast flowering cannabis seeds. In third place we have Double OG Haze, a female marijuana plant capable of flowering in a period of 53-63 days.

  • Feminized marijuana seeds most productive indoors

In this list you will find the most productive female marijuana seeds in indoor growing, that is, those cannabis plants that produce a greater amount of resinous buds. In first place we have Kukulkan, a plant with fine and crystalline buds with 20% THC and a production of 550 gr/m2. In second place we have Super Hash, whose bud production indoors will also be 550 gr/m2 and these will have a THC of 19%. In third place we have Wembley Galaxy CBD, which stands out for its THC-rich buds (21%) and for its production capacity of 500 gr/m2.

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