Is it legal to buy seeds?

Pyramid Seeds works within the legal framework in Spain, where buying cannabis seeds is legal, as well as in other countries such as Italy, Holland, England, Austria, Ireland, Russia, Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium, Poland, etc. The possession of hemp seeds in Spain does not constitute a crime (Vienna Convention of 1961).

The cultivation of cannabis can be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions (art. 25.1 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Citizen Security and art. 368 of the Penal Code). Legislation varies from country to country; therefore, you should inform yourself about local regulations before making a purchase. It is illegal to germinate them, in any country. Pyramid Seeds sells seeds on the condition that they are not sprouted.

Germinating seeds is illegal in many countries and can be subject to criminal sanctions, for this reason we insist to our customers the importance of informing themselves about local regulations and the legislation of their country before making their purchase, consult our legal notices.

Pyramid Seeds sells its seeds firmly believing that very soon the laws in different countries around the world will be favorable for the medicinal use of cannabis, so that all our customers can grow them.

How should I germinate my seeds?

We must remind you once again of the importance of informing yourself of the laws in your country and acting according to them, perhaps you should wait for them to change a little and it is legal to grow your seeds for personal use, only in this case, the Pyramid team Seeds recommends the two plate and napkin method of germination.

At Pyramid Seeds we ship our seeds under terms and conditions and certain limitations of liability for misuse by third parties. We do not authorize third parties to distribute or use Pyramid Seeds seeds in countries where trading cannabis seeds is illegal. Anyone who buys our seeds is responsible for their own actions.

What can I do if my seeds do not germinate?

In the event that the laws change and in your country it is legal to germinate the seeds, if your seeds do not germinate and you have used the germination method that we recommend, we will replace them as long as they are from our Pyramid Seeds bank and you have the proof ( save the packaging or purchase invoice) and the photos of the germination process, fill out the form in our returns section and we will contact you to evaluate the case. Remember that you must provide all the evidence to demonstrate that the seeds did not germinate following the method that we recommend.

After germination, throughout the growth process of the plant we can not have any replacement, because it is a living organism and they have many factors to fail.

How long does it take to ship the order?

All orders are processed for packing and shipped the next business day, once payment is confirmed. Throughout the process of your purchase you will receive confirmation emails from our store, and thus you will be informed when your order leaves our warehouse. You will even receive the tracking number of your package (Tracking Number).

What should I do? My order still do not arrive

You can constantly check the status of your order using the tracking number that we send to your email once it is shipped. With the same tracking number you will be able to track it on the official post office website of your country, once it has left Spain and arrived in your country.

If your order according to the tracking is in your country, it is already in delivery, but the estimated delivery time has elapsed, you can go by contacting the main post office of your locality to request its delivery, you only need to have the tracking number.

If your order has not been delivered for any reason and has been returned, we must wait for it to arrive at our warehouse again to find out the reason why it was not delivered and then we will contact you to verify the data and send it again. The payment of the costs of this second shipment must be borne by the customer in some cases, see our section on shipments and returns.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

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