Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate because they flower without the need to modify light cycles. They are ideal for new cultivators and those looking for an easy cultivation experience.

What is autoflowering marijuana?

Autoflowering marijuana plants, also known as automatic marijuana plants, are a type of cannabis plant that is characterized by flowering on its own, that is, automatically, regardless of the light cycle or season (photoperiod) to which they have been exposed.

Autoflowering marijuana is an easy-to-grow variety ideal for novice growers or those with little time, as this type of cannabis plant can reach maturity on its own, requiring few care and, therefore, much time.

The ruderalis genetics, the origin

The history of autoflowering marijuana goes back a long time, when it was discovered in cold Russian lands and in Kazakhstan, locations with harsh climates and unfavorable conditions for the development of any plant. Having grown in harsh climate locations with few hours of sunlight, marijuana plants with ruderal genetics are not subject to any type of photoperiod, and therefore, they are able to flower on their own. For this reason, they are called autoflowering marijuana plants or automatic marijuana plants.

Their cultivation, as indicated, is much simpler and requires less time investment, making it an ideal type of genetics for growers who do not have much time or have little experience.

Characteristics of autoflowering marijuana plants

Plants that emerge from autoflowering marijuana seeds are characterized by a series of advantages and disadvantages compared to photoperiod varieties. Let's detail their strengths and weaknesses:

Advantages of autoflowering marijuana seeds over photoperiod marijuana seeds

  • They are not governed by any photoperiod

As we have indicated, autoflowering marijuana plants do not depend on a constant light cycle for their development, which is their main difference compared to plants resulting from photoperiod marijuana seeds and, therefore, their main advantage.

  • They resist all types of climates

Due to their origin, plants arising from autoflowering marijuana seeds are capable of withstanding severe climatic conditions that any other plant (even photoperiod varieties) would not be able to withstand, making them much tougher plants.

  • They reach maturity faster

Not depending on a light cycle, the maturation period of autoflowering marijuana plants is much shorter than that of photoperiod cannabis plants, as their cycle typically ranges between 60-90 days on average, while autoflowering plants usually do not exceed 65 days on average (with some exceptions).

  • They can be grown at any time of the year

Due to not depending on a photoperiod cycle for their development and their high resistance to cold and harsh climates, plants arising from autoflowering marijuana seeds can be grown at any time of the year, something that cannot be done with photoperiod cannabis plants.

  • They resist pest attacks better

The defenses of automatic marijuana plants are very high due to their ruderalis genetics, meaning that not only are they able to withstand severe weather conditions, but also their defensive capabilities make them much more resistant to pest attacks than photoperiod varieties.

  • Less demanding and cheaper cultivation

Not requiring lighting systems in the case of indoor cultivation, the cultivation of automatic marijuana plants will be much cheaper than in the case of photoperiod cannabis plants, as you can save on your electricity bills and even on other technologies such as temperature controllers. Additionally, this makes the cultivation of these plants much simpler.

Disadvantages of autoflowering marijuana seeds compared to photoperiod marijuana seeds

  • Low levels of THC and CBD

In comparison with photoperiod varieties, automatic cannabis plants have lower levels of THC and CBD, so their effects are less intense.

  • Fewer buds

Autoflowering plants produce fewer buds than photoperiod plants, so their production level is more limited than in the case of the latter, and therefore, the harvests will be less abundant.

  • Shorter plants

Developing faster, automatic plants tend to have a shorter stature in comparison. This can be an advantage for those seeking a more discreet cultivation, but a disadvantage for those looking for taller plants with greater production capacity.

  • Milder effects

Having lower levels of cannabinoids, the effects of plants arising from autoflowering marijuana seeds will be much milder and less intense.

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