Auto Galaxy

Auto Galaxy

Pyramid Seeds
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VAT included
Quantity of seeds

Northern Lights
Approximate indoor height
50 -150 cm
Approximate outdoor height
+ 75 cm
Physical effects
Mental effects
Indoor yield
500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
40 - 200 g
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 15%
Indoor flowering
60 days

Open the door to a world of unmatched taste and aroma with Auto Galaxy – the autoflowering star among the latest generation strains! This unique variety, inheriting all the best qualities of its feminized predecessor Galaxy, promises not just impressive growth and unprecedented productivity, but also a splendid fruity delight from each breath.

Gift yourself the opportunity to grow a true wonder of nature, capable of reaching over 75 cm in height in ideal climatic conditions. Auto Galaxy will surpass all your expectations, showcasing long and thick buds filled with tempting aroma and unforgettable taste, leaving you with only the desire to return to it again and again.

Don’t let the limitations of indoor cultivation dampen your enthusiasm, as Auto Galaxy proves its high adaptability and yield even in such conditions, almost matching its feminized counterpart. This strain is the perfect choice for those seeking not only quality and a rich harvest but also ease of cultivation.

Choose Auto Galaxy – and let every day be a celebration for you, filled with the joy of discovery and pride in the results achieved. Your garden will shine with new colors, and each bud will become a little treasure, offering unique moments of enjoyment.

1 Reviews

Not trivial auto seed
I can say something new about pyramid, or growing auto flowers plants, in my opinion, everything that is stated in the passport for this genetics is subjective, well, or, as always, I got a good phenotype, although there were cases that the seeds simply did not germinate or died in the early stages of vegetation, maybe I'm a crooked moron, but this is not so important The plant makes me happy, I also forgot to add, a very unusual terpene profile in an extremely simple cross, and even in an autoflower, again, this is probably all tricks with far and near red light)
By Hood95 on 2022-06-05
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