Marijuana's Minimal Impact on Next-Day Performance, Study Finds
A new study reveals that using marijuana before sleep has minimal impact on next-day cognitive and driving performance, easing concerns about its use as a sleep aid. read more
Pacientes de cannabis medicinal mejoran su calidad de vida en estudio de un año
read more
Unlocking Nature's Pharmacy: The Expanding Horizons of Cannabis Medicine
Discover the groundbreaking research from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences on whole-plant cannabis medicine, highlighting its superior therapeutic potential and the promising future of cannabinoid therapies in treating diverse health conditions. read more
New Study Debunks Common Myths About Marijuana: No Hangovers or Motivation Loss
A groundbreaking study challenges prevailing myths about marijuana, revealing no link to paranoia, motivation loss, or next-day hangovers among frequent users. read more
Cannabis: A Surprising Ally Against COVID-19 and Long COVID Woes
Discover how cannabis and its compounds may reduce COVID-19 infection risks and aid in treating long COVID symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and appetite loss, as revealed by new research. read more
Unlocking the Therapeutic Secrets of CBD: A Comprehensive Review
Discover the extensive health benefits of CBD, from treating epilepsy and pain to managing schizophrenia and potentially inhibiting COVID-19, in the latest scientific review. read more
Marching to a Different Beat: Study Reveals Marijuana Users Step Up Their Exercise Game
Recent research challenges stereotypes, revealing that marijuana users engage in more walking activities compared to non-users and e-cigarette users. Discover the surprising link between cannabis consumption and physical activity. read more
Unlocking the Potential: CBD's Role in Battling Alcohol Addiction Unveiled
Discover how recent research highlights CBD's role in modulating brain networks to potentially ease symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), offering new hope for addiction management. read more
The Fresh Scent of Citrus Could Make Marijuana Safer and More Pleasant
Citrus Power: How a Lemon-Like Scent in Marijuana Could Cut Down Anxiety! read more
Groundbreaking Study Reveals Cannabis Boosts Women's Orgasmic Satisfaction and Frequency
Discover how a groundbreaking study reveals the positive effects of cannabis on women's orgasm frequency and satisfaction. Read more about the scientific breakthrough. read more
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