El extracto de cannabis ha demostrado ser efectivo en la lucha contra el cáncer de piel (melanoma)

A recent study sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) brings to light an interesting fact about marijuana: a citrus-scented compound found in the plant, known as D-limonene, could make using marijuana a less anxious experience. This discovery sheds new light on how THC, the component in marijuana that gets you "high," and D-limonene can work together to reduce feelings of anxiety and paranoia, without diminishing the overall experience.

The study, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, involved people vaporizing D-limonene with THC. Those who did reported feeling less anxious and paranoid than those who consumed THC on its own. Interestingly, D-limonene seemed to specifically target the anxiety and paranoia often associated with THC, without affecting other sensations or cognitive functions.

Researchers conducted this study by having participants use vaporized forms of D-limonene, THC, both together, or a placebo, and then monitored their reactions. The results confirmed that combining THC with D-limonene could lessen the anxiety-inducing effects of marijuana in a significant way.

El extracto de cannabis ha demostrado ser efectivo en la lucha contra el cáncer de piel (melanoma)

This finding is particularly exciting because it supports the idea of the "entourage effect" in cannabis. This theory suggests that THC and other elements in cannabis can interact in complex ways that influence its effects on the body and mind. The study points towards the potential for developing new THC-based products that incorporate D-limonene to make medicinal marijuana more effective and reduce negative side effects for recreational users.

By highlighting the role of D-limonene, researchers are not only unraveling the complexities of cannabis but also opening doors to safer, more therapeutic uses of the plant. This research could lead to the creation of cannabis products that are both effective as medicine and more enjoyable to use, paving the way for new developments in medical treatment and drug policy.

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