This merchant agrees not to allow any transaction that is illegal, or is considered by the credit card brands or the acquiring bank, that may or has the potential to damage their goodwill or negatively influence them. The following activities are prohibited under the card brand programs: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all applicable laws to the Buyer, Issuing Bank, Merchant, Cardholder, or cards.

There are two payment methods:

Debit / Credit card, Visa / Mastercard

You can make the payment of the amount of the purchase by card with our virtual POS of the bank. This payment system is safe and fast, which speeds up the delivery of your order.

Pyramid Seeds is totally unrelated to the transaction and does not have any access to your card details. Please, if you have any questions, contact us. Payment by card via telephone is not possible, due to the data protection law, we do not take bank details.

Bank transfer or income.
Once you place the order and indicate the option to pay by bank transfer, our bank details will automatically appear to make the payment. When we verify the payment of the order in account, we will proceed to send it. The verification of the payment of other banking entities can take between 24 to 48 hours. To speed up the payment, we recommend making the deposit directly into the account, it is immediate. - We do not accept payments by Western Union or PayPal

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