Marijuana's Minimal Impact on Next-Day Performance, Study Finds
A new study reveals that using marijuana before sleep has minimal impact on next-day cognitive and driving performance, easing concerns about its use as a sleep aid. read more
New Study Debunks Common Myths About Marijuana: No Hangovers or Motivation Loss
A groundbreaking study challenges prevailing myths about marijuana, revealing no link to paranoia, motivation loss, or next-day hangovers among frequent users. read more
Marching to a Different Beat: Study Reveals Marijuana Users Step Up Their Exercise Game
Recent research challenges stereotypes, revealing that marijuana users engage in more walking activities compared to non-users and e-cigarette users. Discover the surprising link between cannabis consumption and physical activity. read more
The Fresh Scent of Citrus Could Make Marijuana Safer and More Pleasant
Citrus Power: How a Lemon-Like Scent in Marijuana Could Cut Down Anxiety! read more
Cannabinoids have been found to awaken hunger in nematode worms
Discover how Oregon scientists' groundbreaking study on cannabinoids awakens hunger in nematode worms, opening pathways for new medicinal drug development. read more
Scientists from Germany and Sweden have confirmed the effectiveness of medical cannabis for treating depression
Discover how a groundbreaking study from Germany and Sweden proves the effectiveness of medical cannabis in treating major depressive disorder (MDD), offering hope for patients." read more
Cannabis extract has proven effective in the fight against skin cancer (melanoma)
"Discover how Cannabis sativa extract, rich in CBD, is revolutionizing melanoma treatment through advanced research published in Cells journal, January 2024, offering new hope in cancer therapy." read more
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