El extracto de cannabis ha demostrado ser efectivo en la lucha contra el cáncer de piel (melanoma)

A recent study, published in Preventive Medicine Reports, sheds new light on the lifestyle habits of marijuana users, challenging the long-standing stereotype of them being less physically active. Contrary to popular belief, the research reveals that individuals who consume marijuana actually partake in more physical activity, specifically walking, than both non-users and e-cigarette users.

Conducted by the University of Texas at Dallas and Ohio University, this intriguing study analyzed data from 2,591 adults collected through the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health between 2016 and 2018. The findings were quite revealing: marijuana users were found to walk more frequently each week compared to non-users, e-cigarette users, and those who use both substances. This increased frequency in walking approached significance after adjusting for various factors, yet no notable differences were observed in terms of strength training or general exercise across the different groups.

This groundbreaking study is one of the first to delve into the relationship between marijuana use and exercise, covering various types of physical activities. The results strongly counter the prevailing notion that marijuana consumers are less active than those who do not use the substance. The researchers concluded that marijuana use does not significantly impact one's likelihood to engage in specific types of physical activities.

El extracto de cannabis ha demostrado ser efectivo en la lucha contra el cáncer de piel (melanoma)

The study also explores potential reasons behind why marijuana users might be more inclined to walk, suggesting that some adults might use cannabis to enhance their motivation and enjoyment of exercise. Additionally, the concentration of marijuana users in urban areas, where walking and the use of public transportation are more common, particularly in states where medical and recreational marijuana are legal, could be another contributing factor.

Moreover, the increased enjoyment of physical activities linked to cannabis use was supported by another study published in December, which found that consuming marijuana before exercising could lead to a more enjoyable experience and an intensified "runner's high."

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