Auto Purple

Auto Purple

Pyramid Seeds
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Auto Purple is a plant with a sweet flavor and relaxing physical effects due to its 13% THC. It is the automatic version of the photodependent Purple from Pyramid Seeds.

Quantity of seeds

Approximate indoor height
40 -140 cm
Approximate outdoor height
+ 60 cm
Sweet berries
Sweet fruit
Physical effects
Mental effects
Indoor yield
400 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
40 -180 g
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 13%
Indoor flowering
65 days

In the magical world of gardening, there exists a mysterious elixir of nature known as Auto Purple – an autoflowering wonder of the latest generation, born of the legendary Purple strain. This plant, as if painted by an artist's brush, possesses compact outlines, as though every leaf and branch were carefully arranged to create a piece of art, perfectly suited for the secret gardens of low terraces.

The true beauty of Auto Purple unfolds in its purple color, reminiscent of majestic sunsets on distant planets, lending it a magical and mysterious appearance. Every petal hides a story of eternal vernal equinox, when night meets day, and the world is enveloped in mysterious twilight.

The scent of Auto Purple is a journey to the land of eternal summer, where the taste of ripe, sun-kissed fruits merges with incredible sweetness, reminiscent of distant travels in search of forgotten treasures. Each breath transports you to a fairy-tale world, filled with joy and magic.

The effect of Auto Purple finely balances between a revitalizing surge of cerebral energy and deep, enveloping relaxation, creating a state of blissful harmony between body and soul. This plant is a true elixir of tranquility for seekers of solitude and meditative rest.

Despite Auto Purple's inability to boast a bountiful harvest, every particle of it is a drop of nectar collected from the rarest flowers, making its taste and effect a true embodiment of perfection. Auto Purple is not just a plant; it is a poem written by nature itself, a hymn to the beauty and uniqueness of being.

2 Reviews

Excelente cannabis un efecto relajante y cerebral totalmente recomendado para después de un día laboral o el fin de semana con amigos
By Alexis R. on 2023-05-29

Great strain
Microgrow cycle, 80 days from seed to harvest. Buds are amazing, long flowers, stone hard, astonishing color. Harvested a little to early, 60/40 milk trichomes. 60 watt, coco ugro, 20x20x45 - ~30g. (its my bad, it really could easily get to 50-60 g. in my box).

Effect good, it feels good :) but with some downsides, too sleepy for me, not for the midday, also dry eyes.

One of the best strain in my memory for 5 years growing.
By Jhon Sam on 2022-07-24
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