Pyramid Seeds
6 Reviews
VAT included
Quantity of seeds

Sativa 60%
Índica 40%
Physical effects
Soft relaxing
Mental effects
Prolonged stimulation
Indoor yield
500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
0,5-1,5 kg
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 20%
Indoor flowering
60 days
Outdoor flowering in Europe
2-4 September week
Outdoor flowering in Latin America
2-4 March week

Feminized phenotype of this genetics that comes from a selection of AK-47 at the end of the last century and the beginning of this. One of our best genetics, compact and very branched phenotype, with a lot of very crystalline and spongy flowers. It does not stand out as much for its citrus flavour. It is a very productive and easy to grow plant for any user. Mainly Sativa, it has a very clear and lasting cerebral effect, not so physical. It has one of the highest percentages of THC in the market. In some THC tests it exceeded 30%.

6 Reviews

A few years ago I grew the Tutankhamun feminized strain.
I've known the AK-47 since the very beginning, I've grown the T-boat and then the Serious version with great satisfaction.
(They were not yet feminized.)
I thought if this is an improved version, I'll try this too - it can't be bad...
But it happened!
The 9 weeks of flowering that backfired on the AK-47.
Absolutely no other.
That very high yield was nowhere to be found.
Medium flowers developed on thin branches.
The resininess is weak to medium. 30% THC hahaha...
On the top of the female flowers, small banana-like flowers with stamens grew.
It's a very bad hybrid, I don't recommend it to anyone.
By lg on 2024-02-17

Very Strong
Hello, I'm a UK grower and grew this strain a few years ago and it was a delight the flower was so powerful i only saved it for special occasions :) if you want to see the grow its on my growdiaries account take a look for yourself if your interested in growing this strain. https://growdiaries.com/diaries/67781-humboldt-seed-company-purple-trainwreck-grow-journal-by-uk420show
By Theuk420show on 2024-02-13

Excelente planta
Una planta muy recomendable, si bien no destaca por un aroma fuerte o penetrante, tiene un sabor destacable, suave y agradable, con un efecto equilibrado y buen contenido de thc.
By Jardinero Correntino on 2023-07-22

Great yields
My very first grow was 3 other plants and Tutankhamon. Obviously as a beginner I made a lot of mistakes. But even though the other plants suffered and a couple died. Tutankhamon had no issues, i got great yields and the effect were amazing. You can't go wrong with Tutankhamon.
By Jody on 2023-02-15

Best plant ever - Pink hairs and buds turning purple
Awesome strain to watch grow. Looks powerful and smells strong! F****** love it.
By Frank on 2022-12-03

Elle te momifie en 10 minutes chrono mdr
I'm French but I'm writtening in English.
Oh my gosh lol. Very fast, very small, very strong and fat and heavy buds!!!! I can break a fucking window with theses buds dude.
I'm 38 years old and I smoke till I have 15. This strain is a murderer lol.
3 puff on da blunt then u'r dead baby. I can advice to all of you don't drive don't try to go to work lol u gonna waste ur time. perfect fot the evening after a fucking hard word day lol.
By Roberto on 2022-10-24

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