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Olympia from Pyramid Seeds is a hybrid plant (50% sativa and 50% indica) with a THC level of 19%. It has relaxing effects on a physical level and stimulating effects on a cerebral level.

Quantity of seeds

Sativa 50%
Índica 50%
LA Confidential
Sweet fruit
Physical effects
Mild relaxing
Mental effects
Cerebral stimulant
Indoor yield
500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
0,5-1,5 kg
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 19%
Indoor flowering
55-60 days
Outdoor flowering in Europe
1-3 September week
Outdoor flowering in Latin America
March 1-2 week

Olympia represents a unique achievement in the cannabis world, the result of innovative crossbreeding and stabilization of two star strains – Tutankhamon and LA Confidential. These names have made a mark on the global stage, earning trust and popularity among growers due to their outstanding characteristics and unmatched quality of harvest.

Created with the goal of combining the best qualities of its predecessors, Olympia is the ideal choice for those who value efficiency and versatility. This strain guarantees high yield and ease of cultivation thanks to its compact structure and branchiness. Olympia easily adapts to various conditions, making it available for cultivation anywhere.

The Olympia inflorescences impress with their density and abundant resin coating, promising not only a generous harvest but also a captivating spectacle. With a flowering period of 55-60 days, this strain offers an exquisite fruity flavor with hints of tartness, guaranteeing unparalleled taste sensations.

The effect of Olympia gently envelops the consciousness, and can either stimulate or relax, depending on your current mood. This makes Olympia a wonderful choice for those seeking to achieve a harmonious balance.

Olympia is not just a strain; it is your key to a world of outstanding harvest, combining beauty, taste, and a variety of effects. Join the growing community of growers who have already discovered all the advantages of this magnificent strain. Let Olympia become the star of your collection and give you an unforgettable experience.

1 Reviews

Muy buena
Es una planta increíble desde su crecimiento ya empieza a verse la resina en las hojas ..y cuando pasa a florar la envuelve la resina al final faltando un mes empieza a tomar un color violeta que pasa a un violeta oscuro con rosa en los cocos ...naaa es una locura ...el sabor es afrutada con humo espeso ..a mi me dio 24% de thc ..la verdad entro a mi catalago con unas de mis mejores 20 genéticas .. la tiene que tener no se lo pierdan
By Vinicius on 2024-04-21
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