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Auto Nefertiti

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Nefertiti comes from Black widow and White widow strains, and it’s peculiar for its strong growth. It’s a Sativa plant with a touch of Haze flavor. Its leaves have an Indica look at the beginning but when blooming they change into Sativa shape with thin and long characteristics. It won the 1st Hydro award at Spannabis 2007, under the name of “Black Hemp”, the second prize al Catalonia Cup in 2008, and 3rd at Hashish prize in Catalonia Cup 2010.

Type 100% autoflowering
Production 550 gr./m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom 63 - 70 days
Bloom 70 - 75 days
THC: 19% CBN: 0.5% CBD: 0.7%