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Northern Lights CBD

Northern Lights CBD

Pyramid Seeds
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Medicinal marijuana plant due to its therapeutic relaxing and sedative effects. It has a size similar to its photoperiodic version.

Quantity of seeds

Sativa 10%
Índica 90%
Northern Lights
Physical effects
Soft relaxing
Mental effects
Soft relaxing
Indoor yield
500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
0,5-1 kg
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD 9%
THC 10%
Indoor flowering
55 days
Outdoor flowering in Europe
week 1-2 September
Outdoor flowering in Latin America
1-2 April week

Northern Lights CBD is a unique blend of natural wonders and scientific achievements. This strain is the result of careful crossbreeding aimed at enriching its CBD content, making it the perfect choice for those seeking therapeutic effects without a strong psychoactive impact. Northern Lights CBD stands out not only for its high CBD content but also for its medium size, making it manageable to grow even in limited spaces.

The flavor of this strain wraps with sweetness, reminiscent of moments of calm and peace, while its gentle body effect provides relaxation without the heaviness characteristic of other strains. This makes Northern Lights CBD an ideal choice for daytime use, allowing for maintained activity and work capacity.

Each plant produces large, thick inflorescences, showing impressive productivity. Although these inflorescences may be slightly less resinous compared to their photoperiod counterpart, they do not compromise in quality, offering a rich aroma and flavor.

This strain is a true discovery for those who value high quality and natural methods of health maintenance.

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