El extracto de cannabis ha demostrado ser efectivo en la lucha contra el cáncer de piel (melanoma)

The goal of recent research was to find out how a specific cannabis extract causes cell death in melanoma, one of the types of skin cancer. Building on previous studies, scientists from Australia studied the molecular mechanisms of cannabis's effect on melanoma cells. Their research, "Evaluating the Mechanism of Cell Death in Melanoma Induced by the Cannabis Extract PHEC-66," was published in the journal Cells in January 2024. Utilizing advanced scientific developments, the scientists proved that the Cannabis sativa extract PHEC-66, which is primarily cannabidiol (CBD), inhibits the growth of cancer cells and causes their death.  

The experiment demonstrated that the cannabis extract:

·         Prevents the formation of new cancer cells (metastases)

·         Hinders the spread of cancer cells throughout the body

·         Causes the immobility of cancer cells

·         Disrupts the functioning of cancer cells, leading to their death (apoptosis)

El extracto de cannabis ha demostrado ser efectivo en la lucha contra el cáncer de piel (melanoma)

"The damage to the melanoma cell prevents it from dividing into new cells, and instead begins a programmed cell death, also known as apoptosis," explained Nazim Nassar, co-author of the study. He also stated that the current clinical use of cannabis already includes treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy, and studies like this one expand knowledge about cannabis and cancer. "We need to understand the possibilities of cannabis extracts as much as possible, especially their potential as anticancer drugs," Mr. Nassar said.  

It is reminded that melanoma is particularly prone to metastasizing and resistant to current treatment methods. In conclusion, the researchers called for further preclinical studies to better understand the potential use of certain cannabinoids as a supplement to therapy, especially for drug development.

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