American Pie

American Pie

Pyramid Seeds
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The American Pie from Pyramid Seeds, named after the popular 1999 movie, has an energetic and stimulating effect, mostly cerebral.

Quantity of seeds

Sativa 60%
Índica 40%
Power Plant
White Widow
Physical effects
Mental effects
Indoor yield
500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
0,5-1 kg
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD less than 1%
THC 18%
Indoor flowering
60-65 days
Outdoor flowering in Europe
2-4 September week
Outdoor flowering in Latin America
2-4 March week

Meet American Pie, a unique strain that combines legendary heritage with exceptional quality, surpassing all expectations. This phenomenal strain, a descendant of the famous Power Plant and delightful White Widow, inherits the best traits of both lines.

American Pie embodies amazing adaptability and ease of cultivation, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced connoisseurs. Its unique ability to adapt to any growing system, including innovative vertical setups, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking maximum efficiency and outstanding results.

American Pie offers a stimulating and energizing effect, striking with its power and cerebral activity, breathing life into every moment of your day. Its sweet taste with fruity notes and refined aroma create unforgettable sensations, leaving you longing for more.

Despite the sativa dominance in its genotype, American Pie is a compact plant, making it perfect for limited spaces. Its long, thin, and lush buds, abundantly covered with crystals, are a true testament to its high quality and cultivation mastery.

We invite you to discover American Pie – a strain that not only inspires with its legendary roots but also exceeds expectations with its outstanding quality and effect. It's not just a culture; it's an art designed to enrich your experience and provide unforgettable moments of enjoyment.

3 Reviews

By lxbfYeaa on 2024-03-11

By lxbfYeaa on 2024-03-11

American pie
Es mi favorito de pyramid seeds el sabor insuperable y la potencia
By David on 2024-02-26

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