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Auto New York City CBD

Auto New York City CBD

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A latest-generation autoflowering phenotype, CBD New York City has been crossed with a feminized high-CBD clone, making this variety a medicinal plant recommended for therapeutic use.

Quantity of seeds

New York City
Approximate indoor height
60 -160 cm
Approximate outdoor height
+ 75 cm
Physical effects
Soft relaxing
Mental effects
Indoor yield
400 gr/m2
Outdoor yield
40 - 200 g
Cannabinoid percentages
CBD 9%
THC 7%
Indoor flowering
70 days

Auto New York City CBD is the pinnacle of innovation in therapeutic cannabis strains, presenting a unique combination of cutting-edge genetic achievements and a natural approach to treatment. This latest generation autoflowering phenotype is the result of meticulous crossing of the well-known CBD New York City strain with a photoperiod clone enriched with high CBD content. This plant will be a real discovery for connoisseurs and specialists seeking natural and effective therapy methods.

Auto New York City CBD stands out among its analogs due to its optimal CBD to THC ratio, reaching a proportion of 1:2, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a balance between a gentle relaxing effect and medicinal benefits. The plant is of medium size and can reach over 75 cm in height, making it convenient for cultivation both in limited space conditions and outdoors.

The compact structure of Auto New York City CBD, combined with long and thick inflorescences, provides a high yield. The citrus flavor with hints of lemon will not only satisfy gourmets but also add additional therapeutic properties that contribute to relaxation and stress relief.

For maximum efficiency and yield in indoor conditions, it is recommended to maintain a lighting regime of 18 hours of light throughout the plant's growth cycle. This will ensure stable and active growth, allowing the plant to fully unleash its genetic potential.

In conclusion, Auto New York City CBD is an excellent choice for those looking for a natural way to improve the quality of life and alleviate various diseases. This strain combines the best of nature and science.

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